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Who Are We?

BusinessHotels.com is a hotel booking platform with unique discounts that not only deliver travelers some of the lowest possible hotel rates, but also a smart, transparent and personal booking experience. Hotel inventories, payment processing and customer support are powered and managed by priceline.com LLC, a subsidiary of Booking Holdings Inc, located in Norwalk, CT, USA.

Exclusive Discounts - Unrivaled Rates

BusinessHotels.com offers individual business or leisure travelers, companies and organizations access to lowest available rates, promos and discounts with major hotel chains, boutique hotels, resorts and vacation rentals in some of the world’s top destinations.

Members Save up to 40%

Members can save up to 40% with no bidding and no guesswork. Unlike other sites where you bid for hotels or you’re required to purchase before the hotel’s name is disclosed, BusinessHotels members shop by location, brand or hotel name to get exactly what they want. With registration and by login we will display members-only prefered rates when available, as well as our best available rates and other discounts & promotions based on selected travel dates.

Security & Privacy

BusinessHotels.com is a secure online accommodation reservation platform, and we are committed to data security and privacy. The BusinessHotels.com website is encrypted on those pages where we collect private information in line with our security policy.

24/7 Customer Support

We’ve got your back! We can be reach 24/7 via email and phone through our three customer support centres.