About Us - BusinessHotels.com

Who Are We?

BusinessHotels.com is an online hotel booking platform that not only provides customers with some of the most compatible hotel rates, but also an intelligent, transparent and personal booking experience. Priceline.com LLC, located in Norwalk, CT, USA, manages hotel inventories, payment processing and customer support.

Preferred (Member-Only Rates) - Save up to 40%

Preferred hotel rates are available to BusinessHotels.com members who can unlock them through registration. Preferred rates will be displayed wherever the "Preferred" banner is displayed in hotel search results. Customers can also log in with Google, Twitter or Facebook accounts and access exclusive member deals without the need for a paid subscription.

Security & Privacy

BusinessHotels.com is a secure online accommodation reservation platform, and we are committed to data security and privacy. The BusinessHotels.com website is encrypted on those pages where we collect private information in line with our security policy.

The Connected Trip

BusinessHotels.com will power hotels and alternative accommodations for Connected Trip, the all-in-one travel platform currently under development. The Connected Trip will seamlessly connect all elements of a business or leisure traveler's trip to make it more enjoyable, efficient and integrated.

24/7 Customer Support

We have you covered! You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by phone at 1 877-477-7441 or by email through our customer service centers.