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Where to Go and Stay in Spain



Spain Business Hotels

Getting Around and Exploring in Spain

Traveling to Spain is always nice. With wonderful hotels in Spain, exceptional cuisine, and some well-chosen sights, you can make the most of your time in this sunny nation surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Gibraltar, France, Andorra, the Bay of Biscay, the Atlantic Ocean, and Portugal.


It's a fascinating country, and one never tired of returning. Land of siesta, daily life in Spain progresses slowly and arrives late. Many travelers may be frustrated by the street shop's limited hours and seemingly relaxed pace of life. But it is this Spanish perspective: move slowly, enjoy, eat well and relax, that gives the country so much character, and that is why visitors keep coming back again and again.


Spain is a gorgeous, appealing and dynamic country with a lot of distinctiveness and regional variety. Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona are happening and energetic cities; Granada has a Moorish touch, the Basque Country in the north contrasts itself to southern living.


Spanish People love visitors, welcome strangers, drink top quality local wine, laughing over a good meal, and enjoy life. A fiery and passionate place, this country will stay with you forever and, unlike other Western European countries, it will be much kinder to your wallet.





Spain is one of the least expensive summer destinations in Europe. The country is statistically the sunniest in Europe. The Spanish coastal resorts of the Mediterranean enjoy, on average, more than 300 days of sunshine a year, well into the autumn and winter months.


From Barcelona to Marbella, Spain's distinctive culture, flavors and landscape make it one of the most compelling European nations to visit. But if you only have a few days in one of the nation's amazing cities, can you really do it justice?


Holidays to famous cities, like Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, Seville and Malaga, offer a superb city insight into Spain, being then a one-stop hotel destination. Some must-see places in some of the country's top tourist destinations include:



For those who simply want to experience the legendary beaches of Spain, don't miss the beaches of Sant Sebastià and Barceloneta. With a combined length of nearly two miles, these sunny destinations are the largest, oldest, and most popular beaches in Barcelona.


With 68 distinctive parks throughout the city, guests of Spain hotels can find the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic and check the soul of the city. Some of the biggest and most popular places to hang out are Montjuïc, Parque de la Ciutadella (home to the Parliament building, a zoo, and several museums), Parque del Laberinto, and Antoni Gaudí's Park Güell.


From the famous collection of Romanesque art at the National Art Museum of Catalonia to the world famous Picasso Museum, Barcelona is full of intimate galleries and spacious museums where you can satisfy your passion.

The streets of Barcelona are dotted with works, both large and small, by world-famous architects, such as Antoni Gaudi and Mies van der Rohe, so take a walk near your hotel in Spain and enjoy the view. Book Cheap Hotels in Barcelona





This sun-drenched island is a Mecca for beach lovers, so ask your hotel concierge in Spain which local beach is best for people watching, snorkeling, or just sunbathing and spending an afternoon enjoying the view.


From the fascinating history of Bellver Castle to the Gothic cathedral La Seu and the impressive caves known as Coves del Drac, Mallorca is full of incredible places.


Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the legendary olives and almonds of Mallorca, as well as a local specialty called ensaimada, which is a unique sweet treat on the island. Find Cheap Hotels in Palma de Mallorca



Playa de la Bajadilla and Playa de Fontanilla are two of the most glamorous beaches in the city. They are the best places for sunbathing, water sports, and people watching.


Do not miss the oldest church in the city (Iglesia de la Encarnación), a walk through the old town, the Arab wall or the Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving.


Get a glimpse of the lifestyle of the rich and famous at this stunning marina known for hosting the boats of many of the world's richest people, including the King of Saudi Arabia. Find Cheap Hotels in Marbella


Tips for Foodies

Famous for sangria, paella and the awe-inspiring loveliness of its cuisine Spain has always been one of the most sought-after holiday spots.


Spaniards eat very late at night, so 10 at night would be normal for them, and even later. You might find empty restaurants at 8pm, but as long as you have researched your chosen restaurant, don't worry, if they are quiet, although other Europeans will eat around 8pm, you should not be alone in the restaurant.


Restaurant research websites offer an idea of what is available locally, but it helps to read the reviews and read between the lines. You should also read what the Spanish themselves say about the restaurant that might interest you, then click on the nationality and translate it, instead of following what an English person says, for example. Here an old adage comes to mind: "One man's meat is another's poison."


Try the pintxos, which are small tapas-type dishes, with your wine or beer. Paella is also essential and they are served in different ways with meat or fish, or even both mixed. Combination dishes include seafood, squid, shrimp, as well as rabbit, pork, and chicken.


Many restaurants serve bread with garlic olive oil and tomato. Just rub the garlic olive oil on the bread and then squeeze and rub the tomato on top.


Always buy your fish at the ice cream counter in a supermarket or at the fish market itself. Don't buy canned or prepackaged fish, as they often have preservatives. When you see the fresh sign, fresc, it means the fish is fresh and not farmed. To get the fish ready, just say limpia, that is, clean, and they will prepare it for you. When buying meat over the counter, look for Galician veal, as it has the most flavors.


A siesta is a pretty big deal in Spain still...... and with good reason! Usually in between 1 to 5 in the afternoon, many stores close their doors for a little rest in the afternoon. But then they reopen and stay that way until 8pm. or later.


While the restaurant bill (La cuenta ) includes the service charge, although it does not expressly mention it. However, it is customary to leave a small tip. Usually only a few Euros are left, up to a maximum of 5%.





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