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With such a spectrum of different categories, travelers can know what kind of properties they will find in a certain location. Choosing the perfect type of accommodation is a great start to planning a trip.


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𝟙. Hotel


Hotel Accommodation

Hotel is a commercial establishment that offers accommodation, food, drink and similar services to guests provided by on-site staff. A hotel must provide access to a sink, toilet and shower or bathtub. Travelers should be able to book a hotel room for at least one night.





𝟚. Motel


Motel Accommodation


Motel - also known as roadside hotel or motor lodge is a convenient, temporary sleeping place designed primarily for motorists providing lodging with free parking facilities. Motel rooms are usually reachable from an outdoor parking lot. A motel will be found on locations close to roads and highways, near the outskirts of towns but also along popular tourist routes in rural areas. Motels may have few or no amenities.





𝟛. Resort Hotel


Resort Hotels

Resort Hotel - It is a full service upscale lodging facility and is typically found in a variety of settings frequented for relaxation or recreation. These hotels can attract both business and leisure tourists and offer more than just a suitable place to stay. Resorts tend to be located in rural settings, which encourages tourists and visitors to visit the beach, forest or mountain environment that generally offers its guests sports and leisure facilities, more services, amenities and activities than common hotels. Accommodation can take various forms, such as hotel rooms and suites, bungalows or villas.





𝟜. Inn


Inn Accommodation

Inn - Inns are generally clean, comfortable and economical establishments offering lodging, food and refreshment drinks designed for the no-frills traveler. Affordable inns are typically located in the countryside or a rural location. An Inn can hardly accommodate a larger number of people, because of the building size with maximum of 3-4 floors and no more than 30-40 rooms.





𝟝. Extended Stay Hotel


Extended Stay Hotel

Extended Stay Hotels offer their guests longer-term accommodation are also known as long-term stay hotels compared to an average of 1 to 2 nights for an average hotel stay. With guests staying multiple nights or more, extended-stay hotels are often a combination of convenience and great savings and generally offer nightly, weekly, and monthly rates. They tend to have a homey style and are also known as serviced apartment complexes or aparthotels.





𝟞. Guest House


Guest House Accommodation

Guest House - A guest house is a private house which has been converted for the exclusive use of providing accommodation to paying customers. The owner must generally be present to meet the needs of the customers. A guest house will generally have 4 to 8 bedrooms. Typically, a guesthouse will have, if not most, all of the features of a real home; running water, electricity, bathroom, living room, bedroom and kitchen. An accessory could be a washer and dryer, although many guesthouses include these as well.





𝟟. Bed & Breakfast



B&B Accommodation

Bed & Breakfast - A bed and breakfast (often abbreviated as B&B or BnB) is a small, independently-run accommodation establishment and typically has between four and ten rooms offering overnight accommodation and the first meal of the day included in the price. It is similar to a guest house, but here the hosts live in the house and take care of the guests. As opposed to hotels, a B&B normally only host guests for short periods, mostly overnight, rather than accommodating people interested in a longer stay.





𝟠. Hostel


Hostel Accommodation

Hostel - A hostel offers affordable short-term accommodation where the traveler rents a bed (usually in a dormitory) and shares facilities such as the lounge and sometimes a kitchen with other travelers. The use of the rooms can be mixed or for a same sex and have a private or shared bathroom. Hostels are popular forms of accommodation for specific groups of people, such as backpackers, students, workers, or travelers. The benefits of hostels include lower costs and the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, and share travel ideas.





𝟡. Camping Cabin


Camping Cabin Accommodation

Camping Cabins - Camping Cabins gives you all the comfort of solid walls and a real roof with added security against insects, animals or harsh weather conditions without separating yourself from the real reason you are there: the great outdoors. Cabins range from fully furnished rustic cabins to simple structures. Camping cabins should be more than an empty structural frame. They may have plumbing or climate control, but they do not need to be connected to the network. Composting toilets, propane heaters, water tanks, and wood stoves can all be characteristics of camping cabins.





𝟙𝟘. Apartment


Appartment Accommodation

Appartments - Also known as flats, co-ops, or condominiums, are self-contained housing units that occupy only part of a building and usually share walls with other units. The traditional apartment has one or two bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen. Most apartments also share common areas, such as parking lots, patios and other green spaces.


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